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Welcome to Charles Neil Woodworking - Through videos, articles, photos and blogs, Charles simplifies woodworking, step by step.  We've given every effort in our site makeover to make your experience here as simple as possible too!  Unlike more dynamic sites, we have chosen to 'Keep It Simple' and from the front page you can navigate to every page within our site.  

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A Little Background About Charles Neil Woodworking on the Internet

Our video debut was in 2007 with a few clips posted on, we continued into DVDs and project videos, all of which you will find in the alphabetical list on the far right. 

Many of the short clips were produced in 2007 and the sound and quality of the video is not what we are able to achieve today, but the content has valuable information.  Charles also offers in-house classes throughout the year and a Library of DVDs available from our web store and Woodcraft.  Also from our store are some unique Charles Neil products such as his Pre-Color Conditioner to prevent blotching, signature router bits and his unique dove tail jig.

Mastering Woodworking with Charles Neil Weekly Web Show

In the Fall of 2009 we introduced a weekly on-line show, Mastering Woodworking with Charles Neil, which broadcasts each Thursday with a new episode.  With Webisode #225 airing the week of May 12th, there is plenty to watch when you subscribe.  You can learn more about our weekly show and view our subscribers comments by clicking on the 'MW - About' link on the right.  The cost to subscribe to the show is $21.95/mo. or you may visit our On-Line Store and purchase multi-months at a discount.

Other Site Features

Charles does a blog and hosts a woodworking forum.  There will be links to Articles from past newsletters, Photo Galleries of Charles' furniture and from our In-House Classes as well.  

The Re-Design

As our audience has grown, we knew it was necessary to re-design the site.  All of the 'old' stuff is accessible and we've added some new.  We have made every effort to bring the information to the front page so that you are always just a click away from what you are here for.  Information. We realize you need to scroll to see everything, but 'tis easier to scroll than to click 4 or 5 times.

Please take a moment to sign our Guest Book.  If you are interested in Charles background and experience, check out 'About Charles'.

Again, we're glad you are here.