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We use genuine hardware from Horton Brasses on all of our fine furniture.

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A word from Charles Neil...

The best way I can think of to simplify the art of finishing is to give you an overview of some of the available finishes, application techniques and some tips and tricks I have learned through my forty plus years as a furniture maker & finisher.

When it comes to furniture making/finishing, I have often said, "A good finisher can make a mediocre piece a masterpiece, but a poor finisher can, in turn, ruin a masterpiece!"

This book is written about everything I have learned and experienced finishing my handcrafted furniture. Through the many years I have been doing this, I have tried many different products and techniques. Now, taking all of my accumulated information, I will try to simplify finishing for you. I wish for you to experiece success with your finishing attempts in the future.

- Charles Neil

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Don't take our word for it - read what these guys had to say!

I am proud and privileged to call Charles Neil my friend. He has been freely giving of his time and passion spreading his woodworking knowledge for more than 20 years (I think). I am confident this book is packed with great information and will be used like a text book in my shop for years to come... Thanks for all you do Charles!

~ Tommy MacDonald, Host of Rough Cut - Woodworking with Tommy Mac


In 2006 I stumbled across a YouTube video of "Charles Neil" showing the techniques for cutting a flame finial. My first impression was how easy he made this difficult woodworking task seem. Charles is a Master Craftsman but he truly has a unique ability to make even the most intimidating, seemingly complex woodworking tasks easy and achievable. His down to earth, common sense approach to woodworking literally removes the fear and intimidation from woodworking.

In the same down-to-earth fashion, Charles has captured this knowledge and presents it here, in an easy to understand manner, for all to learn. I have taken classes on woodworking and finishing from Charles with the understanding that if you desire to be the best, you must learn from the best.

~ Jody Garrett, President, Woodcraft LLC


The one thing I have learned in the 30 years of working in the finish industry is you can learn something new every day. No one knows it all but I have to say Charles Neil knows as much as any expert. He has never been shy about asking basic questions regarding the finishing process which tells me he is still willing to try new ideas, such as water based finishes. He will gladly give his opinion on what works best for him and what might be best for you. I have always believed finishing is more about using the right product for the right project. Charles' ability to help the common man diffuse the confusion surrounding hte choice between dye stains, pigments, sealers and topcoats will make anyone's finishing experience easier.

~ Rob Szwedo, General Finishes


Excerpt of the Foreword by "The Wood Whisperer"

Personally, I believe Charles was born with a can of finish in his hand, must have been an awkward moment in the delivery room...

But seriously, if it can be sprayed, wiped, or bursh, Charles has had extensive experience with it. If it has orange peel, fish eye, streaking, or blotching, Charles has fixed it. This level of experience is absolutely priceless and I am thankful Charles is so willing to share his knowledge with the rest of the world.

Someday I plan on making a trip to visit Charles and learn directly from the man himself. Until then, I'll continue learning from him through his videos and this book.

~ Mark Spagnuolo, The Wood Whisperer


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