Charles Neil Woodworking
2821 N. Valley Pike
Harrisonburg, VA  22802

Often we are not available to answer the telephone, please leave a voicemail and we will return your call as soon as possible.  
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Due to the high volume of emails we have changed our email accounts and we ask that you use one of the following email addresses to contact Charles Neil Woodworking.  Subscribers to our weekly on-line show or our Finishing On-Line class, please use the exclusive emails available to you on your log-in page as subscriber emails are given preference when going through the inbox.

General Information and Help:

Information or Help - CN Pre-Color Conditioner:

Charles will answer your questions as quickly as he can depending on his work load in our shop.  You may also post a question on our General Forum which Charles checks once a day, it may be that the question has been asked before or other woodworkers may be able to help.

Charles Neil General Forum

We invite you to stop in if you are in the area, we are located within 2 miles of Interstate 81, Exit 251.  Our shop hours are M-Th 9am - 4pm and Friday from 9am - 12 Noon.  We are here at other times but do not have the shop open to the public during those times.  If you plan to be in the area during our non-open hours, please email us at to check availability.